What’s Up? (5/29/17)

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2
Let’s keep it Tweet-sized.

“Did for me what Fast Five did for F&F. The family element finally works, I got emotional & I had fun. A personal adventure for the gang. 5/5”

I’m glad I saw the first one, even if I didn’t like it very much, because it set up something special in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Instead of setting up how the team met each other (wasted time, really) you just get to jump in an enjoy their chemistry this time around. The soundtrack is again used to great effect in this movie, with some songs putting butterflies in your stomach – like Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” I’d say one more thing about this movie… if the “fun” in the first one just didn’t connect in the first one, I very much actually felt the fun here.

Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks is back and I’m incredibly obsessed. It helps that “Twin Peaks: The Return” aka Season 3, is good. It’s new, shot well, and in high definition, telling an equally eerie story that continues exploring with very little in the way of retreading. I need to rewatch the original series, but a part of what I think I loved about show is its utterly realistic blend of horror, sorrow, humor and charm. “Utterly realistic?” Yeah, life does that. Life is scary and tragedy strikes, but it’s full of heartwarming characters and comforting routines like coffee and pie.

The twenty-fourth birthday was marked by a long weekend of events. Baseball on Friday, a house party on Saturday, racing on Sunday, and here, on a Monday off from work – new Steven Universe and the start of the Stanley Cup Finals. It was a good, if crowded birthday weekend wherein you’d be forgiven for forgetting some details (absinthe was consumed, after all). Yet, one of the best moments in the last four days was simply running to the park today, listening to my funky disco playlist, and laughing as two dogs chased each other into the pond. I’m fortunate to have people to bring to PNC Park for a Mets vs. Pirates game… to invite me to a house-warming party for a night of Jackbox… to sit next to me during the Monaco Grand Prix, and drink with me while we order Domino’s… but being alone has its upsides too. It was really nice to just get some necessary things done with this day off. Maybe most important of all is just, this, talking with myself. Figuring things out.


What’s Up? (2/8/16)

Lunar New Year
Another New Moon, another time to think about how things have gone. Honestly? They’ve been going well. Despite a cold that’s now been going on for a week, things have absolutely been good. I don’t let the cold get to me mentally, and physically I continue to bike, jog (once a week), and I even went for a pretty decent park walk on Sunday.

(And being outdoors in the company of an awesome person was the superior part of my Sunday, I might add, with Super Bowl 50 being underwhelming as all hell, even as someone who did not hype the game very much at all.)

But, yes, another Lunar cycle begins, and absolutely everything I promised myself I would do during the last New Moon came true, more or less. I fulfilled the promises I made to myself. Now, as I discussed on (1/15/16) these promises were more or less made to third-party imaginary entities, as part of a New Moon ceremony. While fun, I don’t want to give the illusion that I’m buying into Wicca exactly; I’m more or less applying some concepts into meditation and developing a self-help routine here.

That routine? Think about how things are going, every New Moon, and make some promises to yourself. (Eat better, exercise more, pursue romance, curb sexual impulses). By the next Full Moon, you better be on the way to fulfilling those promises.

So on this New Moon, as we head into the Lunar New Year, I suppose you can call these my Lunar New Year’s Resolutions.

What’s Up? (12/1/15)


I’m thankful that this Thanksgiving was a real uneventful, pleasant, just eat awesome food with your friends and family kind of Thanksgiving. It’s what I missed. Good food, warm conversations. Wine. Best friends. Really went all out for four nights there, if only to return to frozen food and pasta in Pittsburgh. But hey, that’s okay. I can make time if I want to cook, especially on the weekends. It’s just the pace of things usually leaves me wanting to do as little as possible when I get home.

Taking Care of the Inside 

There was an eight-day lapse where basically no exercise was done, and a lot of good food was consumed. I wouldn’t say just because I got back to Pittsburgh that I’ve fallen into a healthy routine again. If anything, I’m kind of focusing on some internal things right now. A few cups of tea to brighten up the day. A movie in the evening to entertain. Sitting back and enjoying Fargo Season Two while not on the back of a stationary bike.

I haven’t forgotten the sacred rule…

“Everyday, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan for it, don’t wait for it, just let it happen.” – FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

It’s just, these last two days, I’ve needed more presents than self-improvement physical activity. Long as I live I’ll never forget to do things that keep me happy. I guess one of the things that’s keeping me happy right now is the prospect of not exercising right now. I know it’d be good for me, but in a way, so would pizza, Netflix, and a long nap.

What’s Up? (11/11/15)

One way to keep myself on track is to force myself to write about this regularly. I guess one way of looking at it is that I’ve been doing way more exercise than blogging as of late. (Four posts in all of October is not particularly impressive. But maybe I just have fewer things to say nowadays?) Anyways the exercise regiments are going well. I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me, but I know I ruined a streak this morning. I did 20 minutes Monday and Tuesday morning after waking up at 6:45 AM, but this morning I absolutely lacked the will to get out of bed, let alone do exercise. On the whole, I think I’m getting better and better at my little routine. I petal faster and with less effort than I used to, I know what kind of music keeps me at pace, and I’m hitting calories-burnt milestones in less time than I used to.

It’s not like I’m weighing myself, or I’m on a weight loss mission, but feeling like I’m in better shape as a human being makes me feel a lot better. One way I’ve thought about it recently is, I’ve spent 22 years or so improving and making my brain pretty great, so I can spend a little time every day to make sure my body is just as sharp and useful.

Q and the Cell Phone
So, something interesting happened on the bus Monday. Young black male, who I only know as Q, turns to the white man sitting in front of him and asks to borrow his cellphone–says he left his at home, and wants to call his girlfriend to tell her to bring his phone to work. White man says “sorry, my phone’s not on” or something to that effect. “The phone’s for work only so I only turn it on when I get to work.” Q then turns to me and asks for my phone. Q makes a phone call using my phone, and it doesn’t go through so he hands it back. I ask Q if he could text his girlfriend. Q gives me the phone number, I send the text, she responds “Yes” as in, “yes I can bring you your phone” and then I return to listening to my podcast.

And the story could end there, except the original white guy (not me) starts using his phone. To which Q points out “I thought your phone wasn’t on.” “I just don’t let other people use my phone. It’s a policy.” And that’s when I decide that my podcast is less interesting than what’s going on in this bus, so I pause the podcast as eavesdrop on the whole thing. It never gets heated, Q just stands on the fact that the man was judgmental–he never uses the word racist, just judgmental. Even when the white guy exits the bus and it’s just me and Q talking, Q never throws the other guy under the bus for anything other than being judgmental. “He saw me, the way I’m dressed or something, and decided he wouldn’t let me borrow his phone.” It was interesting, I’ll probably say no more except I didn’t do anything special, I did something pretty normal, it just felt extraordinary in contrast to the blatant lies of someone else.

Better Me
I could probably come up with a venn diagram of things that are making me feel like a better person. 1) Eating different things 2) Having work 3) Exercising 4) Going out and dancing 5) Coffee?

Alright, I don’t know what I’d put for a fifth thing, but when you overlay those things, the center of the diagram is me feeling good about myself. I worked a little bit on my short story, I started a new GlitchFox project, I’ve got new furniture, I’ve got new records to listen to, Grimes has a new album–stuff is going on and I feel good and wow! I can’t say I remember what I shared last, but it was kind of a bummer right?

The thing I’m thinking is; living in an isolated state is really only unbearable when you can’t bear yourself. If you like yourself, if there’s things you can improve about yourself, and you enjoy that type of thing–self help, self improvement, then being isolated isn’t too bad at all really.

What’s Up? (1/13/14)

Today wasn’t horrible, though it followed a pretty turbulent yesterday. Sunday had the common ups and downs of a day packed tightly with the work and play that is scrambling to do Monday’s homework, and managing to watch football simultaneously. My alternate weekend mission was to finish Season One of The Wire, and as of right now I’m halfway there. Everything was okay until my frail psyche fell apart at what felt like another rejection, and I submitted to self-hate thoughts, until a few friends picked me up again by the end of the night.

Freight trains. You can hear them chugging along every night here in Pittsburgh. They start as early as, 11PM I suppose, but I’ve heard them blowing their horns as late as 4-5AM.

My little breakdown episode is symptom of a larger problem, one that needs facing and fixing, soon.