What’s Up? (3/16/16)

Sucks to have a string of days where the defining characteristic is how sick you are. I’ve had this sore throat and cough, which is almost the secondary source of frustration. Worse is the night sweats I’m getting; I can open the window and throw off all the blankets, but I still wake up a sweaty mess. But what are you going to do right? Life goes on.

Thoughts on Writing 
So I just got this mechanical keyboard which makes typing a joy, a noisy, noisy joy. There’s a very real difference with mechanical keyboards, the feedback you get with each keystroke is really unlike what you get with the new membrane style of keyboard you likely have on your laptop. With this new-found positive feedback, I think I’ll draw up some goals for writing on this blog.

  1. I definitely want to write a movie review for 10 Cloverfield Lane which spoilers, I loved.
  2. I need, need, need to write a review for Art Angels by Grimes.
  3. And for that matter, I should write a review for Illmatic by Nas.
  4. And finally, I’d love to write something for the Nuzlog again, exploring what makes randomized runs in Pokemon such a fun thing to do, especially for writing narratives. I can’t help but document my gameplay whenever I do a randomized Pokemon run, the random stuff that happens is just too much fun.

EVE Online
I’ve been reading Empires of Eve by Andrew Groen, a book that tells a narrative history of EVE Online, an MMO with a surprisingly rich and interesting history. I have nothing but good things to say about this book – its captured my attention more than any book I’ve picked up in the last four or five months. The politics, treachery, and cunning tactics of players in this online videogame, and the drama that happens within it, should be read by people who are not regular video game players. There are great stories here, you just need to open up to the idea that great stories worth telling can happen in a virtual space.


What’s Up? (3/22/15)

I went silent since the day before spring break. A lot of good has happened so, where were the journal entries? I didn’t talk about break, going to the city, or finally seeing Bjork (an idol of mine). And when I got back to Pittsburgh it was a good time too, so what gives?

So, funny thing is, a month ago exactly–the same shit happened. Life is going well, then wham, sore throat, stuffy nose… suddenly I feel like death and everything falls apart. Well, nothing falls apart, but the energy it takes to keep it all together increases greatly. The energy it takes to wake up, go to class, go to clubs, be productive, be alive… so much more energy is expended and the result is exhausting. It got to my head, took a toll on my mood, like a light bout of… I dressed less well, was openly miserable, it sucked! Nothing I can do about it though, there is no magic bullet for the cold. I’m fighting, you know? Allergy medication, headache stuff, NyQuil… I got a humidifier running beside me with Vicks stuff in it to soothe my nose, and to help keep my lips from drying out…

Sleep may be the worst hostage from this whole damn cold. Both nostrils are plugged, I can’t breathe from them, so I wake up periodically gasping for water because my tongue has gone dry, my lips are cracked and shrunken–and when I do get to the water it’s never enough…. So basically the one thing everyone says you need to get better “Just a bit of rest!” is the number one, least enjoyable, maybe most painful thing of all. My lips are so dried out and ripped up, I feel like a monster, it’s so bad.

So not everything been bad, and there’s been quite a lot of good since (3/5/15) but how the hell am I supposed to want to sit down and write about the good when I’ve been feeling nothing but misery? Maybe next week when, gods willing, I get better, I’ll tell you all about the good.

What’s Up? (2/23/15)

Euphoric Wave Over
Getting sick sucks, but getting sick during the middle of an emotional peak sucks even more. Right when everything feels like it’s going best for you, when you’re a social explosion high on parties, sex, and alcohol, that’s when it sucks the most to be taken down by a cold. A goddamn cold, sore throat, snotty, cold.

I stayed inside all of Friday (2/20/15) and Sunday (2/22/15) and that makes me feel like garbage. I hate being bedridden. I was productive indoors, sure, and I had an alright time with my roommates but–it’s nothing compared to being up and outside. When I stay indoors or relatively locked-in my apartment, it can feel like I’m not there at all.

So in a way I think being sick helped me a little bit because I realized how much I thrive on going outside, being around people, being social, having drinks and having good times. Schmooze it or lose it, you know what I’m saying?