Yvonne: Log Two

Almost a whole week has passed since I last wrote, so let’s get caught up. There’s a solid A-Team of 5 Pokemon, who are on break right now, and a B-Team of 6 that are getting trained to fill team positions.

The A-Team
Chesnaught Lv.36
Blaziken Lv.39
Hippopotas Lv.27
Blastoise Lv.36
Meowstic Lv.36

I only have two badges, so the A-Team is dangerously close to not following my orders anymore, hence the reason they’re on break until I get to the next gym.

The B-Team
Umbreon Lv.23
Espurr Lv.18
Helioptile Lv.19
Inkay Lv.18
Kirlia Lv.20
Flabébé Lv.17

The B-Team hast two members from the GTS on it, as Helioptile and Eevee came over from Japan. Two members are fairy-type, and that’s been interesting – because fairy-type is new for everyone, and I don’t know what type of moves are out there for fairy-types.

The Online capabilities of Pokemon Y are so much better than they were in Black 2. The Global Trading System or GTS doesn’t completely suck, and I can filter out the trade offers that I don’t want to see: like ones featuring Legendary Pokemon, or Pokemon that I don’t have. Wonder Trade is also incredibly addictive; it’s a feature that lets you blindly trade Pokemon. You trade any Pokemon you want, and there’s really no limit to what you can get. I traded a Pokemon I didn’t want, and got an Abra for it, which was pretty cool. I eventually traded the evolved Kadabra for the Eevee though, since I knew I wasn’t going to use another Psychic when I already had Meowstic, and a Gardevoir in the works. I just realized that I probably made that guy from Japan’s day though, since he got an Alakazam in exchange for a Lv.1 Eevee.

I haven’t progressed very far into the game, but I’ve played a lot of Pokemon Y. I’m spending a lot more time training Pokemon that I might use, which is probably because Pokemon Y is much less grind heavy than say, Pokemon Black 2. Instead of just forcing Pokemon to fight Auduino’s in the tall grass for experience boosts, I can raise their happiness in Pokemon-Amie, and thanks to the refined Experience Share, everyone can level up at the same time. So far, so good, Pokemon Y seems to have fixed some things that have always slowed down Pokemon games for me.

Wonder Trade Update: Traded a Lv.12 Flabébé I had with a kid from Texas, who traded me a Bidoof from Germany. I needed to include this because, this is the type of stuff that Wonder Trade will do to you.