Pacific Rim: The Intellectual Masterpiece

I saw Pacific Rim last night. This latest film from director Guillermo del Toro features giant mechs fighting giant alien monsters, and from top to bottom this thing just seems like downright dumb fun. Cheesy dialogue, predictable moments, just flagrant stupidity in high abundance – but everything dumb about the movie is placed just so perfectly that Pacific Rim becomes a pretty amazingly entertaining film. Whenever I was rolling my eyes at something in the film, a stranger behind me laughed or bellied a deep reactionary “whoa.” I got to thinking that the movie is so careless at times with doing something that might be too dumb, because it certainly doesn’t care about being smart – it cares about being fun. And the ability to pull of the perfect, incredibly cheesy one-liner or “bad-ass moment” is; I think, the calling card of somebody who really, really knows what they’re doing. Knowing just how long to keep a struggle going before pulling something stupid, knowing what incredibly brain-rotting thing to say and when to say it, and my God – choreographing giant mechs fighting giant alien monsters so it doesn’t look like Transformers’ crap, that takes a lot of skill, a lot of vision, and a lot of  intelligence.

Well done Pacific Rim, well done.