What’s Up? (5/29/17)

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2
Let’s keep it Tweet-sized.

“Did for me what Fast Five did for F&F. The family element finally works, I got emotional & I had fun. A personal adventure for the gang. 5/5”

I’m glad I saw the first one, even if I didn’t like it very much, because it set up something special in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Instead of setting up how the team met each other (wasted time, really) you just get to jump in an enjoy their chemistry this time around. The soundtrack is again used to great effect in this movie, with some songs putting butterflies in your stomach – like Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” I’d say one more thing about this movie… if the “fun” in the first one just didn’t connect in the first one, I very much actually felt the fun here.

Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks is back and I’m incredibly obsessed. It helps that “Twin Peaks: The Return” aka Season 3, is good. It’s new, shot well, and in high definition, telling an equally eerie story that continues exploring with very little in the way of retreading. I need to rewatch the original series, but a part of what I think I loved about show is its utterly realistic blend of horror, sorrow, humor and charm. “Utterly realistic?” Yeah, life does that. Life is scary and tragedy strikes, but it’s full of heartwarming characters and comforting routines like coffee and pie.

The twenty-fourth birthday was marked by a long weekend of events. Baseball on Friday, a house party on Saturday, racing on Sunday, and here, on a Monday off from work – new Steven Universe and the start of the Stanley Cup Finals. It was a good, if crowded birthday weekend wherein you’d be forgiven for forgetting some details (absinthe was consumed, after all). Yet, one of the best moments in the last four days was simply running to the park today, listening to my funky disco playlist, and laughing as two dogs chased each other into the pond. I’m fortunate to have people to bring to PNC Park for a Mets vs. Pirates game… to invite me to a house-warming party for a night of Jackbox… to sit next to me during the Monaco Grand Prix, and drink with me while we order Domino’s… but being alone has its upsides too. It was really nice to just get some necessary things done with this day off. Maybe most important of all is just, this, talking with myself. Figuring things out.


Everyday, Once A Day, Give Yourself A Present

I stayed up too late to sleep today. I think I crawled into bed at like 5:30 in the morning, the sun was rising and sleep felt futile. I was listening to a podcast which almost always puts me to sleep if I’m tired, and that wasn’t working so I knew that I was going to stay awake. At around 6 in the morning  I was overcome with the urge to jog, so I headed out to Schenley Park and jogged/walked four laps around the park. I was honestly pretty surprised at how well I was handling jogging since I usually get out of breath pretty fast, which is why I prefer rowing machines and stationary bikes to treadmills. The only thing I couldn’t really handle was jogging uphill, so I decided to just take it easy and walk uphill.

There was pretty much nobody there that early in the morning, which really eased my “Oh God I look stupid when I jog” fears. This also meant there was lots of critters and birds around; cardinals, blue-jays, sparrows, mockingbirds, doves, pigeons, squirrels, and chipmunks. Oh my god, chipmunks! It’s been so long since I’ve seen a chipmunk in person, sweet little things!

On the last lap around the park I decided that what I wanted more than anything were two sunny-side up eggs with some toast and bacon. After reaching Schenley Bridge I walked straight to Pamela’s Diner, ordered two eggs with bacon, white toast, bacon, and home-fried potatoes. It made everything worth it, but while I was waiting for my food – sipping at my orange juice – I could only think of one man’s words.

“Everyday, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan for it, don’t wait for it, just let it happen.” – FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper