Leaving Pittsburgh In Three Hours

…Well I’m leaving the apartment in three hours at the very least. Then I’m taking an hour long bus ride to Pittsburgh International, and by nine o’clock I’ll be on an hour long flight home to Long Island. I just peeked outside, and the snow has stopped for now, the very snow which prompted the rescheduling of my flight home from Wednesday to Tuesday. I’ve never rescheduled a flight before, it’s an expensive ordeal, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to fly home a day early, and outside of the looming chaos that is snowstorm-meets-Thanksgiving travel.

I’m all packed up, but the prospect of getting two hours of sleep before a flight really doesn’t interest me. It never has. I have this thing; and I might have written about it before, about sleeping before flights. First of all, I’m too excited to sleep easily, secondly I’m going to be nervous about oversleeping somehow and missing a flight, and finally I just think that an airport is best enjoyed in a low-energy state. You get in and you stand on line, listen to music, read, and a whole bunch of other very non-taxing things.

There’s still time to kill, and I’d think about putting on a few records if it wasn’t so late. Sure, I could throw in some headphones, but I want to dance to my music, I want to play it loud. I’ll maybe do some reading to pass the time, or pace around the room trying to remember what I could have forgotten to pack. I’m not against starting some art projects with my remaining time, or crawling into my bed for warmth and comfort and very intentionally not sleep. 


What’s Up? (10/18/13)

I’m not sure, but I think this might have been the longest I’ve gone without posting a chapter of What’s Up? Not that I’ve lacked for things to say since… 10/8/13… obviously the Nine Inch Nails concert and release of Pokemon X/Y has generated content over the past week.

Maybe I’ve lacked for things to say if all I can talk about is a concert and a video game.

Lets take everything from the weekend then. On Friday the 11th we celebrated my roommates birthday by going to Hoffbrau Haus, which was fun. Met somebody new, which is always nice. There was a particular drinking game played that night, as this roommate of mine turned 21, and it might have had something to do with Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. I didn’t participate, instead partaking in that concoction mentioned in the first part of Liqueur, which I think made a particular impression on that somebody new.

Saturday was incredibly relaxed in comparison to Friday’s craziness, and really the only things of note that happened that day were the release of Pokemon X/Y, and a screening of First Blood (Rambo) at the apartment. I never saw Rambo before, and was surprised that it took place in America… after all I’ve only ever seen clips of Rambo fighting dudes in jungles (Vietnam presumably).

Sunday was…. football? I guess. I really don’t remember much about Sunday I guess, nor Monday. I mean, on Monday I barely/didn’t sleep, since I was working my butt off to write papers. Not sleeping much has been a theme this week, unfortunately. On Wednesday, like a total klutz, I walked straight into a piece of furniture in the dark – which left one leg bleeding in a few places, and one toe badly bruised. Between The Nine Inch Nails’ double dose of leg cramp, and this Wednesday’s injury, I’ve been hesitant to do my normal gym runs, which is unfortunate. I haven’t been eating incredibly well, and I could really use a few solid sessions of rowing.

Today (in… ten hours) I’m going to continue interviewing people for a piece of journalism. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it before, and I’m not going to explain anything now, but I thought I’d leave off on a positive note. By the way, I’m happy about doing the interviews: that’s what makes this a positive note.